Saturday, May 09, 2009

Shop a Benefit Cheat

New Labour take benefit fraud very seriously. Those who falsely claim benefits are picking the pockets of law-abiding taxpayers. In 2007-08 benefit thieves stole an estimated £800 million from public funds. Shop a benefit cheat here:

(Please note: Barbara Follett, David Miliband, Ben Bradshaw, Peter Mandelson etc are definitely not benefit cheats or anything. Technically, only people who live on council estates are actually benefit cheats - not cabinet ministers or New Labour movers and shakers who are legitimately entitled to milk the parliamentary expenses system. This is simply an expression of the creative, aspirant entrepreneurial and property developing spirit that New Labour values so highly and seeks to encourage more widely amongst the country's talented and ambitious wealth creators (and, especially, amongst those that donate large sums to the Labour Party). So don't report anyone with more than one home because they are not benefit cheats. And anyone who says they are is probably a terrorist).

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