Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Resources on the Crisis

There's an excellent website called Radical Perspectives on the Crisis which gathers together a largeish number of articles by economists and political theorists (and philosophers like Badiou and Virilo) on the unfolding economic crisis, as well as providing some primers on basic political economy and 'crisis theory'. It looks like it will be updated on an ongoing basis. Worth a look. Also worth a look is a site called Market Meltdown 101 where you can listen to the response to the crisis of economists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, such as Robert Pollin and Richard Wolff.

In one of the articles on the first website Immanuel Wallerstein not only predicts a depression rather than a recession but also comments, after a breezy discussion of Kondratieff cycles, that '[we] can assert with confidence that the present system cannot survive'. Well someone had to say it I suppose. Seems a bit of a rash assertion to me though.

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