Friday, July 25, 2008

Clean Ahhhrrt

When you can't think of much to write, a ruthless clean out of, and addition to, the blogroll links, provides a nice, low effort blog filler. So:

out go various dead links and apparently deceased blogs - Dead Men Left, Pandora's Blog (shame, those two were amongst my first links), Gnus of the World (just stopped blogging - a shame), Apostate Windbag, Charlotte Street, Bartlett's Bizarre Bazaar, and Brisso99 (which seems to have been invaded, overpowered and assimilated by the site-stealing, tat-flogging web-Borg).

In come Liberal Conspiracy, Penny Red, Plattitude, Harpy Marx, The Encyclopedia of Decency, The Tired Man of Teaching and the very funny spEak You're bRanes.

Also I'm thinking of doing up the blog a bit by upgrading to the new improved sooper dooper Blogger and, perhaps, changing the name because, let's face it, 'I.R.' is rubbish. I can't work out how to upgrade, however, while maintaining the format of the links column on the right of the blog. The template doesn't seem to allow me to break up the links into different categories with headings. Anyone know how to do this? Neither will it let me keep the Haloscan comments application. Also, I'm tired of the garish orange colours on this site. I might go blue.

That is all.


That is not all. Philip points out that John Brissenden's blog isn't dead, it merely passed over to the other side - Wordpress. Link re-instated. I've also added MerseyMike to the links.

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