Tuesday, June 17, 2008

David Harvey's Lectures on 'Capital' Online

David Harvey, the radical urban geographer, has long been relatively famous in left-wing academia for his near-legendary reading group/course on Capital. Harvey is making his entire series of lectures on Vol. 1 available on his website - you can watch them for free. There are, apparently, going to be 13 installments - the first two are up already. Each lecture is two hours long (!) - but it will be worth going through the lot (I'm making tentative plans to set aside two hours on Sunday afternoons), especially if, like me, you've only ever read the first couple of chapters. It's not clear if there are any plans for similar online lectures in relation to Vols. 2 and 3 - I assume not. I suspect that, other than Marx, Engels was the only person ever to read the second and third volumes anyway.


Whoops! Just realised that I don't have speakers on my PC - balls! So I won't be sitting the course on Sundays then. Perhaps I should get around to buying some.

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