Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Public Sector Workers on Strike - Although Mostly Teachers to be Honest

Details of rallies across the country on the 24th to coincide with a national strike by the NUT and others can be found here on the NUT website (I joined). Looks like us humble teachers will be joined by the UCU, the PCS and UNISON. We really want the FBU to join us though, because everyone loves firemen. Nurses would be good, too. And vets.

Still, it's not bad as it is as far as a first round of public sector strikes go - and there are likely to be more given the fact that NuLabor is busily attempting to make public sector workers pay for inflationary pressures. The snivelling, unprincipled, union bashing, Thatcherite, CBI loving, Investment Banker pleasuring, Pigby Jones employing bastards. Those inflationary pressures, and economic difficulties more generally, furthermore, don't look likely to go away any time soon, what with spiralling food prices on world markets, that there credit crunch thing, the US economy going down the shitter and the neo-liberal hegemonic consensus rapidly coming apart at the seams. Interesting times. It may well be a little bit like the 1970s only without the bad hair or glam rock.

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