Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Fashion Racist?

Well, yes. No surprise there then. We'll just add it to the list of the fashion industry's vices - effectively promoting anorexia and bulimia, sexualising young children, encouraging/normalising solipsistic vanity (or some anxious approximation/simulation of it on the part of most fashionistas), celebrating idiotic superficiality and making a lot of people feel very unhappy about not conforming to an unattainable ideal of male/female attractiveness, getting older etc.. Fashion has made a sizeable number of deeply unimpressive and indeed deeply unpleasant people very rich. Such is the genius of capitalism. Perhaps there are some people employed in the 'industry' who aren't shallow, grasping, materialistic wastes of good oxygen, but there can't be many who could stomach such an existence for very long (strangely, the people who actually manufacture the clothes - the maquiladora proletarians of the Third World and the minimum wage workers of the First - aren't usually thought of as part of 'the Fashion Industry'; they're not quite 'glamorous' enough).

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