Friday, July 06, 2007

Alex Petridis on Interpol (and Editors)

I am rather fond of Interpol and indeed of Editors. Alex Petridis provides a rather rude review of the former's new album which incorporates a few digs at Editors, too. I like Petridis' unkind, waspish humour though (I'm sure it was him who memorably described Mika - that intensely irritating twit with the doe-eyes who sings god-awful 'songs' in a teeth-on-edge-setting falsetto voice - as 'like Kenny Everett pretending to be the Bee Gees. Only not funny.') and, to be fair, he does land a few well-aimed punches on the two bands. He's completely right that you can't listen to either Interpol or Editors without thinking 'this really is very very much like Joy Division isn't it'. I'm not quite sure how Petridis manages to detect something like the voice of Cilit Bang's Barry Scott, however - 'you listen to Editors with the creeping fear that, at any moment, the songs might be interrupted with a deafening cry of "BANG! And the dirt is GONE!"'. As far as I remember Barry Scott speaks in an hammy, over-excited and high-pitched shouty voice (which is, apparently, deliberately intended to make you hate Barry Scott so much that you can't get him out of your head - meaning that Cilit Bang is always, always, there, lurking in the back of your mind - the ultimate in brand awareness and brand recall) whereas the Ian Curtis-esque lead-singers of Interpol and Editors sing in gloomy, stentorian booms. It's probably comedic license.

Anyway, all of this provides me with an excuse to put an Interpol video on here by means of the hi-tech You Tube internet video playing device (which creates a rift in space while simultaneously generating a wormhole dimension bridge between this site and the You Tube data banks many many miles away).

By the way, I have nearly submitted my thesis. Expect things to go wild on this site from about the middle of next week. I'm going to have acrobats and lions and fireworks. I still have to do all the proof-reading, however, which is perhaps the most tedious job known to humanity.


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