Friday, June 15, 2007

The Tree Fell Over!

There are several trees just outside my office. One of them appears just to have keeled over during the night. Either that or I missed the most incompetent tree-felling attempt of recent history (and if someone did chop it down I will hunt them down and kill them because it was a lovely tree - you never know with university management - they just can't stop building stuff). Anyway, it smashed through a wall and is now standing more or less upside down on a small lawn. It's quite the most exiciting thing to have happened around here for a long time - the area is roped off with 'incident/do not cross' type tape and everything. All the undergraduates have been overcome by a kind of atavistic exhilaration and are wildly jumping up and down on the grass, shrieking and building twiggy shrines and altars for the Elements or the great god Pan or something.

However, on a more sombre note, there's a palpable sense of shock amongst all the small animals in the area. No birds are singing.

PS - sorry about the quality of posts recently. I am very busy.

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