Monday, January 15, 2007

Giles Fraser

This guy is interesting. He's the Vicar of Putney and a lecturer in Philosophy at Oxford. I've seen a couple of his articles in The Guardian now and was deeply impressed by both of them.

In the first of his articles that I saw Fraser has a pop at Mel Gibson's new bloodfest Apocalypto, arguing that:

Apocalypto is a prequel to The Passion of the Christ, just as determined by Gibson's disturbing theological worldview and just as infatuated with the connection between blood and salvation. It's another Christian snuff movie, but most reviewers haven't the theological literacy to spot it.

In today's article he argues that most Christians support gay rights. I'm not sure if that's exactly true - I would guess that most churches (as in the organisations) are in favour of gay rights - rather than most individual Christians (and of course it depends what you mean by gay rights), but it's an interesting article nonetheless.

It's worth a look through his previous articles, too.

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