Friday, December 15, 2006

Google Can Bog Off users will have noticed over the past couple of weeks that they are being encouraged to update their Blogger templates - and that in order to do so you must first register for a Google account. Of course all of this hard sell is pitched in terms of how very lucky we are to be given such a wonderful opportunity, followed by a casual 'oh-by-the-way you'll have to take out a new account to do so'. Yes, I know it's free - but I don't want a Google account. All of this, of course, has something to do with Google's recent acquisition of - which, in turn, has something to do with capital's tendency towards concentration and stuff.

I was fairly sure that the Blogger's polite invitations to its users to join up with the new master would become progressively more and more of a Godfather type of offer - you know, the ones that the invitee can't refuse. And do you know, I was right. I think. It seems that you can no longer log on to your Blogger account in the Blogger comments boxes in order to leave a comment. You have to do it through a Google account. I tried to leave a comment on a couple of Blogger blogs today and it just wouldn't let me sign in. Bah.

Luckily there's always Haloscan what like I've got. But what's next? The bastards.

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