Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do You Like George A Romero?

I'm just printing out some abstracts and papers for the Historical Materialism conference. There's a very short paper on '"Just in Case Society Crumbles": George A Romero and Marxism' by Marco Maurizi which I intend to read on the train this afternoon. It looks good. As a rule of thumb, I would say anything with zombies in it is usually a good thing. Except food, obviously. I wouldn't want zombies in my tuna and mayo sandwich. I thought some of my readership might be interested in having a look at this paper.

You can get to the papers and abstracts from here. Click on the name of the author for a pdf file. The full papers are towards the bottom of the page.

As a Poulantzas anorak, I would also recommend, in particular, Bob Jessop's paper on why Poulantzas' State, Power, Socialism is brilliant. See also Clyde Barrow's paper.

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