Saturday, November 25, 2006

HM Conference 2006

Finally found some details online about the Historical Materialism conference this year. You can download a pdf file with details here. I've got my cheapo train-ticket and have arranged cheapo accommodation with a London dwelling friend. The conference is going to be a fairly cheapo affair, too, since there isn't a fee - only a suggested donation rate, which I interpret as something that doesn't necessarily apply to cheapos like me. All it will take is little bit of skillful collections bucket dodging every now and again. Of course, I'm only only joking.

Some highlights:

David Harvey on 'Accumulation by Dispossession and Capitalism Today'
Ben Fine, 'Economics Imperialism and the Prospects for Political Economy'
Peter Hallwood, 'Haiti 2004: the Perfection of Neo-Imperialism?'
Alfredo Saad-Filho on Marxist and Keyensian critiques of neo-liberalism.

Other people I'd like to see speak include, Andrew Glyn, Bob Jessop, Peter Gowan, Elmar Altvater, Leo Panitch, Daniel Bensaid, Hilary Wainwright and Werner Bonefeld.

I note there's a Socialist Register plenary session on 'Eco-Socialism, Democratic Planning and Political Strategy' (with Greg Albo, Frieder Otto Wolf and Hilary Wainwright) which, I hope, might help to dispel some of the doubts I have expressed about democratic planning in the comments box in the post below.

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