Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Smug Blairite Wanker

I despise Francis Sedgemore. Here's why.

The man is a tit.

He is a philistine 'centre-left' (read, centre-right) neo-liberal by default cretin, who spends his time pontificating on CiF by way of the regurgitation of half-digested, half-understood Blairite 'common sense'. When he isn't suggesting that the legacy of social democracy should be further crushed under the wheels of the inevitable progress of that force of nature, 'globalisation', (over which mere mortals have no control, of course) he's arguing that non-scientists shouldn't get involved in the debate over global warming since we need to concentrate on the 'Facts' (dear boy) not 'opinion' and that the right answer is usually to be ascertained by way of a scientific 'cost benefit analysis' (which of course only scientific, empiricist, men of Fact like Dr Sedgemore are qualified to administer). Dickhead.

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