Monday, August 14, 2006

A Moron Speaks

"I know 80 pairs of shoes sounds a lot. But when you sit back and look at them all sitting there in your wardrobe, you do often wonder: "Do I really have any shoes to match this outfit?"

Buying shoes can be tricky. It's very difficult to choose between ones that match and others which are pure works of art. Some people go for comfort, others for practicality. I often choose ridiculously high heels - but walking in heels makes you feel taller, more confident and sexy.

Oh, hello, I'm a stupid fucking idiot.

There are so many different types of shoe to buy, its no wonder some women have vast collections. I have around 10 pairs each of boots, flats and flip-flops, a couple of pairs of wedges and the rest are all heels."

[half-wit continues to yap along similar lines for a further 500 words].

Sometimes I despair - I really do.

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