Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Rio is crying violently"

According to Rob Smyth at the Guardian anyway. Good. The bloke's a complete wanker. I sincerely hope that Rooney is blubbing his eyes out too, perhaps while stamping his feet like a 4 year old having a tantrum.

I didn't watch the whole match, but kept an eye on it on the interwebs. When it went to extra time I couldn't resist it anymore and went to watch it on a big screen in the college. From the moment I arrived, any residual support for England evaporated. You can call me a contrarian if you like, but from the minute I walk into a room full of yelling tosspots I have this uncontrollable, kneejerk reaction - which is to oppose anything the bawling, shouty people want and to favour whatever it is that they don't want. Actually, that's possibly a little overdone - I didn't find myself supporting Portugal to any significant degree, I just found that everytime England got the ball into Portugal's half and looked like they might score (which wasn't very often) I just didn't want them to succeed.

I think everyone knew that, when extra time ended and it came to penalties, England had already lost. Even when Portugal hit the bar and when wossisname saved a Portugal shot, putting England in a fairly good position, (although overrated professional cockney geezer and part time footballer, Lampard, had already missed by that stage) they were still going to fuck it up. When Gerrard missed and Ronaldo put his away, to seal the game for Portugal, I confess to having experienced no small feeling of satisfaction. And of course the tosspots went absolutely quiet. Schadenfreude is a most delicious feeling.

From what I saw, England certainly didn't deserve to win this game. They looked absolutely awful. They're not fit to tie Brazil's bootlaces, let alone take them on in the semi-final. Justice done, then, I suppose, although Portugal didn't look particularly impressive either.

I will be interested to see how long it takes for the little England flags to come down from cars and for the bigger ones to come down from house windows. Do the demonstrative patriots (to whom are they seeking prove their patriotism, by the way - to themselves or to other patriots? A bit of both I think) leave the flags up in some attempt at post-defeat dignity (there'll always be an England etc) or do they sweep them away as quickly as possible. I'm hoping for the latter - and if they could do it while crying violently, that would be very very nice.

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