Friday, July 21, 2006

New Links

Have added links to Jangliss* and Infinite Thought to my links list because 1) they've linked to me (and it's only polite innit) and 2) they're damn fine blogs.

Incidentally, if any of my visitors runs a blog and I haven't linked to you then please don't be shy to tell me.

And, also, if anyone knows how to get the Progressive Blog Arsing Alliance to pull their finger out and add you to their blogroll, please let me know. Ok, I should imagine that refering to them as the "Progressive Blog Arsing Alliance" probably doesn't help matters. I'm tired of being a 'flippery fish' in the TTLB ecosystem you see. Rooksbyism should be up there with the bloody rodents where it belongs. It's just so unfair.

* Full name "You see, it is simply a very young boy's record" - but that's far too long for my links bar I'm afraid. I think it's from some bloke called Oscar Wilde or something.

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