Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Message From Lebanon

I have been forwarded an email with some details about what is going on in Lebanon. I'm not sure whether I should be publishing this or not and I've taken the names out - I'm fairly sure it's fine to publish them, but I'm just incredibly cautious about that kind of thing. The message needs some explaining. It is from a friend of mine who is in contact (via mobile phone) with another friend from Lebanon - the latter is a PhD student who went back to her home in Lebanon to see her family just before the bombing started. The first friend sent the following message to a Professor at York in the hope she could get it to the media. Someone else has forwarded it to all the PhD students in the department. The details of what is being targetted in Lebanon and the weapons used are shocking.

"Dear -

I am writing to you on - 's request. I've just heard from her via text messaging . She is in the Bekaa valley in a bomb shelter and Israel is bombing the village where she is at the moment. She says they are bombing the Red Cross, food lorries, fire brigade, hospitals and emergency relief centres. They are, apparently, using gas and poisonous weapons and arresting Al Jazera TV staff and bombing Al Manal TV. She is very concerned about the lack of reporting by the international media about the details ofthis violence. I don't know what the source of this information is, orwhether it has been verified , but she has asked me to bring it to your attention in the hope that you could perhaps bring it to someone in themedia's attention. (Not sure if that's the way things work, or if there is anything you can do, but it's worth asking.)Best wishes, "

I heard today that my friend has now been forced to flee to Syria with her entire family and is now sharing a rented apartment with 18 other refugees.

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