Wednesday, July 19, 2006


How I despise ITN news. I tuned in at 12.30 today to watch Alistair Stewart virtually wanking himself off as he described the various forms of military transport that the British are using to evacuate UK citizens from Lebanon. Look, he says excitedly, at the size of that British warship off the coast of Beirut (it can transport up to 300 marines!!) and look at those Chinooks coming over the horizon - this is really, really exciting isn't it! Oh, and by the way, 50 more Lebanese civilians were killed today including 5 kids playing in a stream - but that isn't important- just look at the size of that warship... wow, this is really really dramatic isn't it! Now back to you in the studio, John.

Mind you, the BBC wasn't much better - I'm sure it was them (perhaps it was ITN) who informed viewers, with pictures to prove it, that all the evacuees were being processed by British immigration officials - you know, just in case any viewers were worried that there might have been any dirty foreign asylum seekers amongst the terrified women and children. Cos it would be just like them, those shifty foreign types, to use the destruction of their homes as an excuse to come to Britain and sponge off our benefits wouldn't it.


On BBC bias and Lebanese 'non-persons'.

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