Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Message From a Lebanese Refugee

"Dear all,

Many many thanks for all your emails, support and concerns and apologies forthe joint email.

Many of you know already that I fled Lebanon with my family to Syria. That's true, but even from here, Boukein where I'm staying and is 15 kms from the borders with Lebanon, I can still hear the sound of the bombs on our Bekaa valley. Physically I'm fine, emotionally I'm drained but morally I'm angry! Back in Lebanon the shelter was forced on us; here in Syria we impose it on ourselves in solidarity with our people.

I spend my time sitting in front of the TV watching bombs falling on my country….and react by informing as many people as possible of the REAL situation. At first I used to find it difficult to watch the scattered bodies of the dead children on the roads when no one dares to pull them off because the Israeli government, which according to Bush and Blair has the 'right to defend itself' and is praised for its respect of the so-called democracy, international and humanitarian law, is even targeting the redcross and anything that moves in the South, Dahiyeh, Baalbeck and central Bekaa. Now , when I see these heart-breaking sights I don't even move; on the contrary I become filled with anger. I found out that when you're angry you just can't stop writing and it makes you feel a bit better. It's like you're trying to fight the aggressors with your pen and paper; you know the aggression will not go away but still, it makes you feel good and allows you to breathe properly for some time. I don't know whether what I'm saying makes sense to you, but that is exactly how I feel and I wanted to share it with you.

Now that I have found this network place and though it only has 5 PC's, I promise I'll write to you whenever i can and *I'll send you briefings on thesituation*.Meanwhile please don't forget my country and my people; we need your bravery...

Thank you


C- "

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