Thursday, June 08, 2006

Green Left

FYI - been forwarded details of a new organised socialist current within the Green Party.

A new initiative was launched on the 4th June by members of the Green Party, when 36 members including Green Party of England and Wales Executive members and councilors came together to agree the launch statement of Green Left, a socialist current within the Green Party. The declaration... states that ‘Green Left’ hopes 'to raise Green Party politics to meet the demands of its radical policies. Green politics needs to be based on dynamic campaigning and hard intellectual groundwork to create workable alternatives.'


Since the activism of William Morris in the Social Democratic Federation and Socialist League in the late nineteenth century, there has been an ecosocialist tradition in Britain. Green Left believes that ecosocialism provides an alternative to a society based on alienation, economic exploitation, corporate rule, ecological destruction and wars. Our analysis demands that in the best tradition of the historic left we 'agitate, educate and organise' to build such an alternative

Further info and full founding statement at Socialist Unity Network.

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