Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rock Hallelujah!

I was overjoyed at Finland's magnificent victory last night. They really were the deserved winners simply because they dared to break the Eurovision mould with such gusto. I'm sure they won such a high proportion of the vote because voting viewers found them interesting - they certainly stood out amongst the usual cod Oirish ballads, formulaic Europop, grinning bare-armed boy pin-ups and identikit glossy haired, leggy women.

I was also very very pleased at the poor performance of that wanker, Daz whatsisname, from the UK. Shit song, shit 'rapping' (ahem) and, in my opinion, the paedophilic schoolgirl fantasy backing singers/dancers angle isn't very wise. Also, didn't it occur to anyone that having a 35 yr old man performing a song about 'teenage life' and boring teachers (they're always telling us what to do, it's just so unfair innit) would be, simply, cringe worthy?

My second favourites, after the Finnish horror rockers, were the German country and western singers complete with stetsons, banjo and Tammy Winnette look alike. Pure genius. This year there was a good amount of bizarre and random dancing, too, which is always good to see. A couple of very odd ballet dancers performed during the Spanish entry (awful song though), there was a ballet dancing piano during the Russian perfomance and, best of all, a crap puppet robot was made to do a moon walk during the (acapella) Latvian entry.

A good night all round then. The only problem is that Eurovision entries tend to ape the style of the previous year's winner. Will we see hordes of international mock rockers in monster face masks and wielding axes next year? It would be an improvement on the usual stuff perhaps, but we'd soon get tired of it. I'd like to see a lot more moonwalking crap puppet robots in future though.

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