Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lecturers' Union 'Left Current'

Just seen this at the S.U.N. website. There's going to be a conference to launch a 'left current' in the new, merged UCU lecturers' union in London, later this month. Unfortunately I can't go, cos I is too poor (pity me!) - but I thought I might as well point it out on the site here. I see Tony Benn, Sheila Rowbotham and Hilary Wainwright amongst others are all down to address the conference - looks like this current might well have some clout.


Would be nice to see something about Graduate Teaching Assistants there, though. Some of us are really suffering this term since we can usually rely on a certain amount of income from invigilation and examination marking in the summer term. With the strike on, this money is not available for those who don't want to cross picket lines. For those who don't get a research grant, this income can mean the difference between being able to pay the rent and not being able to pay it. (Self pity).

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