Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unite Against Public Sector Totalitarians!

Would the Decent Left please take a moment with me to condemn the totalitarian and undemocratic actions of greedy striking public sector workers and to affirm our solidarity with Sir Pigby Jones, who seems to be one of the few people prepared to stand up against this menace to Western civilisation. The Trade Union movement has long been an enemy of decent society and democratic socialism. It is full of ruffians, shirkers, anti-Americans, stoppers and commies. Many of them are probably terrorists.

We must not give an inch to these fascist anti-parliamentarians. Tony is doing his best to make things better for decent people. Choice, for example, has increased by over 15% in the past 7 years - real rate of opportunity-growth is increasing by over 200 choices per square kilometre a month. In international affairs, over 150,000 Islamonazis have been eliminated in the past 3 years alone. If they had their way, these trade unionists would put a stop to all of this. This so called 'labour movement' is a threat to us all.

It is especially important that we stand shoulder to shoulder with democratic socialists such as Sir Pigby and Tony at a time when some 2.6 million totalitarian cheese eating surrender monkeys in 'France' have gone out on to the streets to resist the forward march of progress. The very future of European civilisation and the survival of the Enlightenment project depends on our holding firm at this time.

To make things worse, the totalitarian contempt for democracy seems to have spread like a contagion to the seat of liberty and democratic socialism itself - the United States of America. It is thought that about half a million anti-American Americans took to the streets recently to protest against an Immigration Bill designed to fight terror, free-loading asylum seekers, and Latino-fascism.

This is a time of great peril for ordinary tax payers in the well above average income bracket like you and me. There is only so much that Tony can do under these circumstances. It may well be necessary that we start to look for a strongman figure who can smash the union movement, introduce a bit of discipline amongst the uppity rabble and make the trains run on time, in order to safeguard our democratic socialism. I'm thinking Dr John Reid.

If you love liberty, please sign up for my Unite Against Public Sector Totalitarians project in the comments boxes below.

No Pasaran!

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