Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A To Do List

I have a whole load of blog posts planned, but do not really have the time to do them at the moment. So here's a list of planned blogposts for your perusal.

Rick Witter and Me. (Shed Seven fans take note).
The Winter Olympics (sporty).
Captain Caveman Vs. Battle of the Planets (unwise childhood nostalgia).
Politics Stuff.
My favourite Pencil.
David Dimbleby's Loveable Haircut (light comedy).
More Politics Stuff.
Whatever Happened to Terry Badu? (an investigation).
Peter Gowan's The Global Gamble.
The Strange Death of 'Tiger', My Guinea Pig (a tear-jerker).
Is Your Arse Sometimes, Unaccountably, Wet For No Reason, Too?
Some More Politics.
The Day My Cat Went Mad and Had to be Put Down (anecdote).
Liberals Revisited.
Jumpers (factual).

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