Monday, November 14, 2005

'The People Versus Jeremy Clarkson'

There's an amusing article in the Independent today (free view) in which Britain's leading professional arsewipe, Jeremy Clarkson, is accused and found guilty of various crimes. The sentences dished out by this impromptu court are not severe enough for my liking (after all Clarkson's a hang 'em and flog 'em man and it's the only language he understands).

We've been seeing rather too much of that chauvinist, lowest common denominator, boor recently - he's popped up on QI ( is it me or is that show just irritating? - Its theme tune alone even outdoes University Challenge and Call My Bluff in the insufferable twee-ness stakes) and Have I Got News For You in the last week. On both occasions Clarkson was given a very easy ride by the liberals and leftists on the show. Is Clarkson becoming TV light entertainment's favourite pompous reactionary? Bigger than Davidson - mark my words.

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