Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Intermission Status and Mouldy Horrors

Right. I know I said I was going to have to shut the blog down for a while and that I then went and blogged a post (is that the correct terminology? Sod it, I'm going to live life on the edge) within 7 days and that I am now blogging another one. I am still horridly busy, but I think that I was possibly over-reacting when I decided that I should have to 'shut the blog down'. After a sober assessment, it now seems to me that the situation is as follows: I shall only be able to blog once a week to once a fortnight until Christmas time, after which I may well be able to blog more frequently.

While I'm in a self-indulgent and narcissistic mood (like you, dear reader, give a little mouse's poo about the frequency of blogging here), I may as well tell you about how horrid my life is (relatively speaking of course - I don't live in Falluja or North Korea). My house and most of my stuff in the house is rotting. Sort of. The mould on the walls (mentioned in passing in a previous post), has grown rapidly in the cold, damp weather of the past couple of weeks. To my horror, I found, a couple of days ago, that my winter coats (packed away in the wardrobe for the summer) have all gone mouldy and that there are nasty green vegetable growths behind desks and tables, on the inside of my curtains and on the backs of my stereo speakers (!). I don't know why I hadn't seen it before - all I can say is that moulds are cunning bastards and grow in places where you don't normally look until too late. I tried to clean some of it off today with a mildew and mould remover spray and ended up taking much of the paint off my bedroom walls and nearly poisoning myself in the process - it's nasty stuff. My room now smells like a swimming pool changing room - you know, that almost overpowering chemical stench. Needless to say I am feeling rather sorry for myself, and am quite keen to move out of this house asap. As misfortune would have it, however, I signed another 6 months tenancy agreement about a 2 weeks ago. Bollocks.

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