Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oi, Griffin! No!!

Next Wednesday professional boss-eyed, fascist freak, Nick Griffin, will be appearing at Leeds Crown Court on charges of inciting racial hatred. He may well get a stern telling off from the posh chaps in wigs, but just to make sure that the day is an unpleasant one for Griffin and his supporters there will be a large anti-fascist demonstration outside the court, followed by a rally outside Leeds art gallery. The demonstration and rally is organised by UAF and Yorkshire and the Humber TUC.

As the UAF website says, the demonstration should 'bring together the trade union movement and community and faith groups in an event which will demonstrate our opposition to the BNP and their anti-democratic ideas, and will emphasise the way in which our communities can unite to work together towards a peaceful, integrated future' - and with luck we'll be able to shout some very rude words at freak-boy Griffin and the fash. If you're in the Leeds area you should try to come along.

There's also an anti-fascist rally in Keighley on Saturday to counter a planned nazi demonstration in that town (see top item on UAF website).


As many of you probably spotted and were, no doubt, too polite to say, the protest against Griffin is Weds 2 Nov not today (26 Oct) as I had indicated in the above post. I only worked this out myself at the last minute - last night I was preparing to go to bed especially early so to get up early and off to Leeds this morning when I glanced at an info leaflet and realised that I'd got the week wrong. Could have been quite embarrassing if I'd turned out to protest outside the court today. I need to work on those organisational skills.

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