Thursday, October 27, 2005


I'm going to have to suspend this blog for a while.

I'm horridly busy at the moment and something's (well lots of things have) got to give. I have to try to finish my thesis within the next few months and am busily panicking about it. I can't face another year of living in a cramped student room with no money and without all the lovely, shiney things that normal people with salaries have. And I am getting on a bit after all. Problem is, I'm doing a lot of teaching at the moment, (so I can have money for baked beans, stale bread and for Brillo pads to scrape the mould off my bedroom walls)* which, after all the preparation and marking (let alone the contact teaching hours), leaves me little time for anything else. So basically I have to dump any non-essential time consuming activity until after Christmas at least (when my teaching load falls off a bit), to make time for my world-changing** thesis.

So there probably won't be very much posting here for the next few weeks.

You'll get over it.

* Violins play in background.
** Probly.

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