Saturday, October 01, 2005

How are the Mighty Fallen!

A few months ago The Thrills asked 'Whatever happened to Corey Haim'? Good question. After a bit of popular research on the question, it turned out that the mullet haired kid we remember from the Burbs and Lost Boys - the one we were obviously supposed to think cool, but who was, actually, (even to me as an impressionable 11 yr old boy) clearly just an irritating short-arsed tit - had turned into a washed-up semi-recluse struggling to find bit parts in 3rd rate TV movies (you know, the ones usually starring Jane Seymour as a wronged widow with a terrible secret).

But why worry about that guy? Why, especially, when there are other once famous 80's actors out there - ones we might even call great* - who seem to have slipped out of view?

Last night I stayed up late watching what was, to be fair, a balls-achingly awful pile of steaming dog's poo called Class. I'm not proud of it. The film was pretty dreadful, but it was notable, I think, for its cast. Amongst the line-up were Rob Lowe (playing the part he plays best - annoying, entirely charisma-free, waste-of-space rich kid) a young Virginia Madsen and a very young (and exceedingly chubby-cheeked) John Cusack*. It also starred Andrew McCarthy - remember him? He was one of the 80's bratpackers - the fresh faced, naive, innocent abroad looking character - who appeared in such bratpack classics as St Elmo's Fire and Pretty in Pink. He was also, as I remember, in Mannequin with Kim Katrall. "Blimey, whatever happened to 'im?" I thought. He's not a bad actor actually.

Well, I did some research***, and apparently Andrew has ended up in the same straight-to-video and TV movie hell to which Corey was (rightly) banished some time in the early 90's. The best he seems to have managed in the past few years are bit parts in The Twilight Zone and Law and Order and a 'starring' role in an impressively awful looking TV action film alongside Michael York and Bo Derek. There's no justice.

Here's a fansite that's like 'totally dedicated' to the great man.

Now, whatever happened to Molly Ringwald?...

* I don't mean it.
** Cusack being the only one who's gone on to an acting career of any note.
** I say 'research' - I mean I typed 'Andrew McCarthy' into Google.

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