Sunday, September 11, 2005

Pessimism of the Intellect

OK, so England's best player today was B Adlight - a rather dull cricketer to watch, but one who has put the team in something of a commanding position for tomorrow - the last day of the series. All England need to do now is put in a good batting performance (preferably playing out the whole day), secure the draw and the Ashes come back here. England are currently 34 for 1 in their second innings giving them a lead of 40 over Oz.

But I have a terrible feeling. I can see it now - England batting collapse. All out before mid-afternoon for less than 150 runs. Australia charge forward hell for leather for the win, and just scrape it before the close. Ashes stay in Australia.


By the way, does anyone else admire Warne's slightly flared (or are they bootcut?) cricketing trousers. I do. No one else seems to have a pair.

Additional - Monday Lunchtime

OK, just call me Mr Nostradamus. Got the less than 150 runs bit wrong (like all great soothsayers, I'm not very reliable when it comes to, you know, numbers or dates) but the rest of it may well come true. We've had something of a batting collapse and I can't see England hanging on for more than a couple of hours.

Additional - Monday 6pm

I was completely wrong. Thank goodness. My soothsaying days are over. Again, thank goodness.

You have to admire the Aussies though don't you (I can say this now it's all over).

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