Friday, July 01, 2005

See You in Edinburgh

Ok, my bag is packed, my mobile is fully charged, there's a new film in my camera, I've set aside a clean pair of underpants and I've even been out and bought some factor 25 sun lotion - that's how ruthlessly efficient and organised I am. I'm actually getting quite excited now. The coach leaves at 6 am tomorrow morning, which is rather uncivilised if you ask me, but then we all have to make sacrifices.

The only thing I have yet to do is to decide what I'm going to wear. Just what should a stylish, young(ish) socialist man-about-town wear to a demonstration these days? Perhaps Trinny and Susannah have website with a message board - I'll go and ask them.

I'm only going to the Saturday demonstration (the big MPH march and then the Fight Poverty Not War rally at 4.30) - and I'm fast regretting it. It would be nice to stick around for the other events, but I'm rather short on dosh and I don't have a tent. There's a Respect meeting on Sunday with quite a few European speakers I'd really like to see - Fausto Bertinotti, a couple of speakers from the Portuguese Left Bloc and a bloke from Rifundazione.

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