Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yes, I Am Cooler Than You

Another blinking meme has been kicked my way. Thanks John [grits teeth].

1. The total volume of music on my pc:

I don't have any music on my PC. I don't have an iPod, or an iTunes thing or nuffink. This is because I am very, very, very poor and can't afford all that sort of stuff [affects holier than thou look of smug self satisfaction].

2. Song playing right now:

I have got a stereo, however, so I'll answer this question.

CD in stereo at the moment is the self titled album by The Bravery. It's really good. Except the last track which is pants.

3. Last album I bought:

The last album I bought was Suede's 'Singles' album. I got it over Amazon for about five quid [Yesss! I am the CD bargains King].

4. Five songs I've been listening to a lot:

'Long Time Coming' - Delays - (Mop top blond haired tykes get a bit emotional with jangly guitars)

'No Brakes' - The Bravery - (Pretty boys with eyeliner - this track sounds a bit like Adam and the Ants, but in a good way)

'Metal Mickey' - Suede - (The best Suede track in the world, that they ever did, ever)

'Crystalline Green' - Goldfrapp - (Spikey, sexualised electro - and scarily attractive singer)

'Triple Trouble' - Beastie Boys - (Very 80's sounding track from shouty, Bugs Bunny voiced rappers now a bit too old for this sort of thing)

5. Passing this along to:


That was quite easy wasn't it?

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