Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Generation

Blimey, 'Suede' are back! Well, two of them (Anderson and Butler) and they're calling themselves 'The Tears', this time. Who'd have thunk it?

Now if you ask me (and I shall assume that you are) Suede were never the same after Bernard Butler flounced off, frilly shirt flapping and floppy hair flopping, in a 'musical differences' type huff. It's good to see him back collaborating with Brett 'caterwaul' Anderson all these years later.

I have something of an ambivalent attitude twards 'Suede'. Sometimes I think Suede are a fantastic band - I put on one of their albums and it sounds amazing. Other times, I'll put on the same album and find it almost unlistenable. I think it's Anderson's tendency to screech like a cat being kicked up the arse. 'Dog Man Star' is a case in point. It's often singled out as one of the best albums ever made. When I listen to it, however, (depending on the mood I'm in, I think) I sometimes find many of the songs ridiculous, overblown and Anderson's voice makes me cringe. Other times it seems obvious that it really is one of the best albums ever.

I imagine The Tears will have the same effect on me. It's hard to tell at this early stage - I've only heard the single 'Refugees' and it wasn't a screecher (at least relatively speaking).

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