Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hmmm.. Veeerrry Interesting.

According to the Indie today:

Labour is warning supporters that Michael Howard could become prime minister in an attempt to neuter the influence of left-wing MPs by winning a big majority in the general election.

Although Labour chiefs are deepy worried that Iraq has dominated the closing stages of the campaign, they are privately hopeful of winning an unpredecented third term. They are talking up the threat of a surprise Tory victory amid fears that some of Tony Blair's flagship policies could be blocked by 50 left-wingers likely to be elected.

Senior Labour officials admitted they would have a "party-management problem" if Mr Blair's majority were cut from its present 159 to 50. They hope to win a majority of at least 80 to make it easier to push through the public service reforms in their manifesto.

Cut Labour's majority and strangle New Labour.

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