Monday, February 14, 2005

Party Slogans

Martin Wisse is dead right about the Labour Party's new slogan - 'forward not back'. It's utterly meaningless. They must think we're complete idiots. Actually, thinking about it, they do think the electorate are idiots - that's the operating assumption of Blairism.

I imagine that the General Election campaign will involve various sub-slogans along the same general lines. Perhaps they'll even vary the background colours again like they did before to keep the easily bored sheep happy. This week it's 'Forward not back' on a red and green background, next week it's 'Sideways not downwards' on lilac and tan, the week after it's 'Clockwise not widershins' on orange and cream and the week after that it's 'Walking sensibly not running down the corridor' on peach and avocado.

The Tories appear to be appropriating lines from an Elvis song - 'Less talk more action'. The slogan is suitably macho, to go with the new 'blood and soil' rolled up sleeve and torch logo.

The Lib Dems don't appear to have a slogan for us yet, but they may well lead with Mark Oaten's 'Tough Liberalism'. The Lib Dem canary logo gets a number one grade crew cut and Doc Martens.

And... blimey, I was just googling UKIP's site for their slogan ('We want our country back' - Albion? Wessex?) and I saw that they've got Rustie Lee as a supporter! Has anyone told Nigel Farage?

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