Sunday, October 17, 2004

Walt Brown for President!

Forget all that Nader stuff. Here's the bloke I'm rooting for in November - Walt Brown, Socialist Party candidate. I'm sure he'll coast it.

I've had a soft spot for the Socialist Party USA for a few years now. Have a look at their site, it's quite interesting. The Party was founded in 1901 when Eugene Debs' Social Democratic Party merged with a faction which had broken from Daniel De Leon's Socialist Labour Party (which is still going). The SP-USA's website has detailed information about the history of the party which is actually very illuminating about the history of the US Left as whole. In addition to Debs and De Leon, famous figures such as John Reed and Max Schactman had roles to play in the party's development. Unlike the Democratic Socialists of America ( a party founded by the Schactmanite, Michael Harrington, after he and his supporters split from the SP-USA in 1973) the SP-USA continue to organise separately from the Democratic Party.

Incidentally, Historical Materialism recently devoted an issue to the question of why a powerful socialist/labour movement did not emerge in the US in the 19th/20th Century. Very interesting.

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